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ER...A Role-playing Community

1. You can be no more than 2 people
2. You can be anyone on the show, current, past, or even dead! (See members list below)
3. Before you join, make a post asking if you can be a certain character. In the subject portion, write "Need a staff member?" That way I will know if you read the rules or not.
4. You will update your character by updating in its journal
5. Since you are able to be any character that was on ER, we are not using the storylines that are on the show. Feel free to come up with your own/make storylines with other people.
6. Be nice to other players
7. Once you have been OKed by a maintainer/mod, you are able to create your character's journal
8. You must link disclaimer in website portion of userinfo
9. You must add all the characters' journals

Members List
Not in use
-Dr Greg Pratt
-Dr Susan Lewis
-Dr Kerry Weaver
-Dr Anna Del Amico
-Dr Doug Ross
-Dr Mark Greene
-Dr Elizabeth Corday
-Dr Peter Benton
-Nurse Carol Hathaway
-Dr Robert Romano
-Dr Cleo Finch
-Dr Jing-Mei "Deb" Chen
-Dr Dave Malucci
-Jeanie Boulet

In use
-Nurse Samantha Taggart-baby_girl_88
-Dr John Carter-zooniverse
-Dr Neela Rasgotra-sangomirokulvr3
-Dr Ray Barnett-clez
-Dr Abby Lockhart-spikesbabyblues
-Lucy Knight-shadowsms

Questions, comments, concerns? Address them to maintainer/moderators
Maintainer: baby_girl_88